Cheng Deng (邓程) @ Daven

PhD Candidate

Acemap IIoT, SEIEE
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Office: SEIEE 1-432, SJTU
WeChat: davendw

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My Friends:

Fangxin Liu (刘方鑫): Wenjun Wu Honored Ph.D Class, PhD Student.

Ke Xie (谢科): Founder of 卡拉云, Kalacloud.

About me

Currently, I'm pursuing my doctoral degree in Computer Science in Acemap, IIOT Lab, at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where I have the honor to be supervised by Prof. Weinan Zhang, Prof. Luoyi Fu and Prof. Xinbing Wang. I am also selected into Wenjun Wu Honored Ph.D Class in 2021.

My research interests include natural language processing, knowledge graphs and AI4Science. Specifically, I am devoted to research of large language models (cooperate with Prof. Junxian He), information extraction and utilizing AI techniques to improve geoscience and design practices.

What's more, I am in charge of several IIOT main services:

What's News

  • [2022-12] New!! Cooperation with CAS Team, we analysis the 'Paperdemic' phenomenon during the COVID-19 pandemic and the paper has been accepted by European Journal of Internal Medicine (SCI-Q1)!
  • [2022-11] New!! Navigation system over GAKG is newly developed and publicly accessible GeoScience Knowledge Navigation System is publicly accessible! [Bilibili, Youtube]
  • [2022-11] New!! Our GeoScience Academic Knowledge Graph and its related systems and resources GAKG for DDE is promoted at IUGS in Paris!
  • [2022-05] Our COVID-19 Interdisciplinary Research System Covidia is publicly accessible!
  • [2022-01] Our Semantic search system is coming, a re-organized system of GAKG.
  • [2021-08] Our GeoScience Knowledge Platform GAKG Platform is publicly accessible!
  • [2021-08] Our paper "GAKG: A Multimodal GeoScience Academic Knowledge Graph" has been accepted as a resource paper at CIKM-2021!
  • [2020-10] Our paper "Evolving Bipartite Model Reveals the Bounded Weights in Mobile Social Networks: A Case Study in Recommendation Network" has been accepted by IEEE TMC !
  • [2020-08] Cooperation with CAS Team, data access website is HERE

  • Research

    Currently, I mainly focus on the research of large language models, information extration and knowledge graph construction with human-in-the-loop. In addition, I am engaging in AI4Science and AI4Design, applying deep learning in social issues like COVID-19 and interdisciplinary issues like Design and Geoscience. For more....

    Publication [Google Citation]

  • [SCI-Q2] Cheng Deng, Zhang Tianhang ,Weinan Zhang, Luoyi Fu, Xinbing Wang, Chenghu Zhou. "Covidia: COVID-19 Interdisciplinary Academic Knowledge Graph Construction and Application" in Nature ScientificData, 2023 [Under Review].
  • [CCF-B] Cheng Deng, Fan Xu, Jiaxing Ding, Weinan Zhang, Luoyi Fu, Xinbing Wang, Chenghu Zhou, et al. "FMGNN: Fused Manifold Graph Embedding via Geometry Coreset" in TKDD, 2023 [Under Review]. [Paper]
  • [HSSCOMMS-2023] Yuanbo Luo, Lizhi Tao, Fan Xiao, Cheng Deng, Xinbing Wang, Chenghu Zhou, et al. "The impacts of COVID-19 on gender inequality in academia" in HSSCOMMS. [Minor Revision].
  • [SCI-Q1] Yang Yang, Na Zhao, Ting Ma, Ze Yuan, Cheng Deng, et al. "'Paperdemic' during the COVID-19 pandemic" in "Letter to the Editor" of European Journal of Internal Medicine, 2022, DOI: 10.1016/j.ejim.2022.09.030.
  • [CCF-B] Cheng Deng, Yuting Jia, Weinan Zhang, Luoyi Fu, Xinbing Wang, Chenghu Zhou, et al. "GAKG: A Multimodal GeoScience Academic Knowledge Graph" in CIKM, 2021, DOI: 10.1145/3459637.3482003. [Website] [Paper] [Code] [Slide]
  • [Arxiv] Cheng Deng, Bo Tong, Luoyi Fu, Jiaxin Ding, Dexing Cao, Xinbing Wang and Chenghu Zhou. "PK-Chat: Pointer Network Guided Knowledge Driven Generative Dialogue Model". [Paper] [Data] [Code]
  • [CCF-C, SCI-Q2] Jiaqi Liu, Zhiwen Yu, Bin Guo, Cheng Deng, Luoyi Fu, Xinbing Wang, Chenghu Zhou. "EvolveKG: A General Framework to Learn Evolving Knowledge Graphs" in Frontiers of Computer Science, 2022. [Paper] [Code]
  • [CCF-A] Jiaqi Liu, Cheng Deng, Luoyi Fu, Xinbing Wang, et al. "Evolving Bipartite Model Reveals the Bounded Weights in Mobile Social Networks: A Case Study in Recommendation Network" in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2020, DOI: 10.1109/TMC.2020.3017630. [Paper] [Link] [Code]

  • Projects

  • Navigation over GeoScience Academic Knowledge Graph, an introduction video is shown below, audio by Cinna (Qiyuan Chen from University of Waterloo) [Website]
  • [GeoScience Multimodal Knowledge Graph] 图文数一体化的地学知识图谱构建与应用, 专项项目, Construction and application of geoscience knowledge map with integrated graphics, text and data. [Website]
  • [Knowledge Graph and Graph Analysis] 知识驱动下的大图度量与分析, 国际(地区)合作与交流项目, Knowledge-driven big picture measurement and analysis.
  • [Computer science and COVID-19] 新型冠状肺炎病毒扩散溯源和疫情防预关键技术研究, 专项项目, 面上项目, Research on key technologies of novel coronavirus spread traceability and epidemic prevention.
  • [Interdisciplinary Research during the COVID-19] Knowledge Graph for COVID-19 related Interdisciplinary Research. [Website].
  • [Knowledge Driven Design Material Recommendation System] Construction a design common sense knowledge graph and deploy the recommendation system via reasoning over knowledge graph. Cooperated with HUAWEI.
  • [Ancient Chinese Literature] I put forward an ancient Chinese character editor that automatically summarized the ancient Chinese characters in the plate that had been extracted out. I am currently working on the second stage of development and named it "shuowen".

  • Teaching [TA] and Services


  • [Mobile Networks] [2019,2020,2021,2022]
  • [IEEI (B)] [2020] [2021,2022]
  • [Program Design (C++)] [2020]
  • [Data Science CS245-2] Kaggle
  • Reviewer

  • Reviewer for Journal TKDE [2019-]
  • Reviewer for Journal TMC [2020]

  • Awards

  • Being selected into Mentor Group of Guozhi Class
  • Honored Ph.D Wenjun Wu Honored Ph.D Class, 2021.
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis in Hunan Province, 2019 (Top 1%).
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis in Hunan University, 2019 (Top 1%).
  • Meritorious Winner in Mathematical Contest In Modeling (MCM), 2018 (Top 7.09%).
  • Ten Influential Students of Hunan University Student Association Federation, 2018.
  • 3 × First Class Scholarship for Undergraduate Student in Hunan University, 2016-2019 (Top 5%).


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